My In-Depth Review of The New Yoga System For Women

Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray-Cotton is a 12-week yoga program for women that is specially designed to burn fat and promote healthy weight loss. It utilizes a technique known as Dynamic Sequencing to help users achieve the desired results.

Yoga refers to customary physical, as well as mental disciplines and was originated in India. Many people think that Yoga is just an exercise; however, the truth is that Yoga is more than that. It guides one's life in a proper way and gives you health, peace, and prosperity.

That is why I really wanted to add it to my fitness routine. I knew that it could not only help me reduce my weight and hit my weight loss goals, but also help me lower the amount of stress I had been dealing with. While I was attending traditional yoga classes, I noticed that the various people in each class were at different fitness levels and different points of their fitness training. As a result, they struggled with some of the positions and the overall direction of the class, and some became bored with the entire course altogether.

yoga burn for womenI knew there had to be a better way to incorporate yoga into my fitness routine that would tailor more to my individual needs. This is when I came across the Yoga Burn program.

Who Designed This Program?

picture of zoe bray-cottonZoe Bray-Cotton is the creator of the YogaBurn program. She is a yoga instructor (certified), personal trainer (certified), and a thorough female body transformation expert. She has a good amount of experience in the field of teaching yoga and working individually with clients as a personal trainer to help them lose weight. Through the step-by-step system she designed, it combines both of her fitness training goals in an attempt to help clients reduce the stress of losing weight and bettering their bodies at the same time.


1. Focuses On Individual Needs.

YogaBurn is specifically tailored to focus on the user's individual needs. The biggest problem with standard yoga classes is their inability to tailor to individual needs and fitness circumstances. Because these classes are unable to tailor to individual physical fitness capabilities and fitness goals, they will not work for everyone that participates. Some people might simply be unable to perform certain yoga poses which can discourage them to keep going in their efforts. Whereas, some classes might be too ‘easy' for others which can also discourage the continuation of the classes.

2. Reduce Stress and Promote Relaxation.

A lot of the standard yoga classes often end up promoting and encouraging more stress in participants as a byproduct. The good news is, this system was specifically designed with the lowering of cortisol levels in mind. Thus, it has the capability of providing you with a thorough and effective fitness strategy without causing a spike in the stress hormone in your body. Having spikes of cortisol can actually harm your weight loss efforts because it can cause the body to store more fat within it's cells.

3. Dynamic Program.

One of the biggest issues that traditional and standard yoga programs have is their inability to adapt to changes in individuals fitness levels and bodies. As a result, the participants end up hitting some kind of plateau at some point during their training. Because this system is designed to be dynamic, as you advance through the training and achieve various fitness goals, you will be adding more routines and poses that are even more specific to your end fitness goals. As a result, you will end up progressing through different stages that can allow for much more growth throughout the entire process. This is exactly what the Dynamic Sequencing process is all about.

What Exactly Is Dynamic Sequencing?

Dynamic Sequencing is actually a brand new and unique yoga approach that helps participants learn the different poses, form, duration, and sequencing in order to help each participant be able to progress from the very beginning to the very end. Because it teaches you how to progress, it will help prevent participants from hitting and being stuck at any particular plateau and allow them to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. This system itself has been divided into three different unique phases with various sorts of instructional videos that are designed to help participants learn and master the various unique poses and sequences which can help them achieve better overall results when it comes to their yoga training.


1. Requires Effort.

The biggest con of this system is going to be a con for every single yoga course on the market. In order to be able to achieve results with it, you need to put in the physical and mental effort required. It is not a ‘lose weight instantly without any effort' scam.

Yoga Burn Reviews - Is It Worth The Price Of Admission?

While trying to determine whether or not it is worth the cost of admission for me, I looked at thesystem as a whole. Not only does it come with a 3 phase including the foundation phase, the transitional phase, and the mastery phase which helps participants break through fitness plateaus they will inevitably hit throughout the program, it offers a lot of value for the money especially when compared to traditional yoga offerings. Because you get a full set of instructional videos, expert advice, and follow along audio classes - you really are getting a good amount of value for the money.

In the end, as long as you are willing to put in the required work and if you are looking to really ramp up your fitness efforts, this is one of the best yoga programs on the market. Not only does it help cater to your individual fitness level and needs, but it is also going to allow you to maximize your potential when it comes to weight loss and the reduction of stress in your life. Overall, I would highly recommend it to anyone that tried a standard yoga class and didn't really come to enjoy the experience or get great results from it.

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