What Does It Mean When You Are Sorry?

How can you move forward when you have so much inside of you that is causing you sorrow and pain? These are the difficult questions and in some cases it seems as though there is simply no moving forward, no pressing on.

Sometimes a person is so burdened with the wrong they have committed that it is difficult for them to understand that they have caused someone else pain. There have been cases and I am sure you have seen, heard of, or even experienced it for yourself when a person is so riddled with guilt that they confess their sins to the person that was wronged not concerning themselves with the pain they will inflict but rather simply concerning themselves with removing their own pain.

Is this person really and truly sorry? This is a tough question and is often times to case of moral discussion. When a person is wrong should they not confess their passions or sins and be cleansed? But who should they confess to and when is it a true confession of selfless intention and not personal motivations?

Apologies for a Better Relationship

To me, and this is my own personal thought on the matter and you are welcome to disagree because let’s face it that is what makes us unique and that is what makes us who we are, our thoughts, our opinions, our beliefs. It is when we start to try to force those thoughts, opinions and beliefs on others that we lose our sense of humanity, so I am merely sharing my ideas, you can choose to believe them, agree with them, or not, it is always your own choice.

the art of apologisingSo, what does it mean when you are sorry? When you are sorry, truly sorry, it is not a personal pain that you are feeling inside but rather there is a deep feeling that you have hurt someone else or caused someone else pain.

You have wronged someone, and this realization is what causes you to want to set things right. When you are willing to accept whatever the consequences are because you sincerely care about the pain you have caused someone else.

This is when you can spark a powerful change, and this is when the wounds can begin to heal. What you can never expect though is for the person you have wronged to forgive you. Accepting that you may never be forgiven but of course you can hope to be forgiven but the one thing you must understand is that each person is different, and they will heal at different times.

Understand this and accept it and you can begin to heal yourself.

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