7 Tips to Get Faster Results with VF

The ideas offered below are ahead of the public domain. Consequently, they may seem conflicting.

1. Keeping an open mind – is the Venus Factor a scam?

The answer in NO, it's legit. The key is planning for the end – in the beginning. So the first step is keeping an open mind… and don't worry.

2. Read all of the materials

Many people try to get started with Venus Factor without reading “the instructions”.

It's really important that to read two documents:

– The 12 Week Manual

This goes to the Venus Factor diet philosophy and the research behind it.

– The Venus Index “101” Document

This walks through VenusLand with an organized listing of best content and to-do's.

It covers the very best podcasts for beginners as well at everything you need to. Think of this document as your roadmap.

3. Visit the Venus Community

People need a place they can come when things get rough when they need others who understand what they're going through because they've been there as well and are willing to extend a nonjudgmental hand.

4. Embrace the Journey – Understand That This Is tough…

Losing weight and getting in better shape is HARD. It may very well be the hardest thing one has ever done. It really is.

However, this is not a bad thing at all. First, because it's hard, it's more valuable. Second, when one understand that yes, the process can be hard… he tends to make better decisions.

5. Understand lifestyle constraints

The fact is; people get in better shape to improve their lives – not make them worse by living “the fitness lifestyle” and wrapping their whole lives around diet and fitness goals. One should wrap his diet and fitness goals around his life. Follow the Virtual Nutritionist recommendations.

This is a big, big secret that in the past, no one has ever really talked about.

6. Enter a contest

There's something magical that happens when people enter a contest. First, they have a deadline… and there's nothing like a deadline to inspire action. Second, they have “company”. That's right because there are other ladies entered as well, and even though it IS a competition, one would be very surprised at how much sharing goes on. There's no holding back.

7. Invest in Immersion

Over 70% of contest winners own Immersion. Basically, Immersion helps people unlearn all of the false “facts” that have been pushed on for.

Not only that, but there are a lot of extra workouts, with more continually being added. And then, there's the supplement database. One can look up any supplement ingredient known to man and actually read the research that supports its claims.

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