Screw Ups News: How to Lose Your Lover

Dating tips: don't loose your loversAll typos and joking aside, this infographic hits on some common ways to screw up your relationships. While all of then are pretty bad, the biggest one is bringing other people into your relationship.

Who can you talk to?

It took me 30+ years to figure that out. I used to post every detail of every up and down to Facebook, Twitter and what ever other social sites I was using. THEN I’d tell my momma. No wonder my relationships in the past have crashed and burned.

And so will yours. Don’t tell yo momma, she’s not the one you need to be talking to.

The only person, other than a qualified therapist, that should hear about the problems in your relationship—wait for it… IS YOUR PARTNER. They are the only ones that can help you fix the problem.

Anyone else will make it worse. They will give you advice and/or butt in. Both have the potential to push your mate away.


What if I can’t talk to my partner about it?

If you really need advice, just go for general information sharing. Not every little detail.

Something like. “what would you do if your partner was sleeping all day?” MAY be a bit less likely to push him/her away. But use with extreme caution!

I am doing much better with talking to MM instead of the rest of the world. We are doing better than  most of my past relationships were at this stage.

I still screw up and talk to mom from time to time. But not in as much detail, and not quite as often.

Over to you!

Which of the mistakes above do you find yourself slipping into most often? What could you do to fix it? Share your past experiences in the comments section below.

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