Here’s your first source for all those troublesome questions

Can I blog for more than one charity?

No, sorry, we do not allow a blog to raise money for more than one charity. However, if you are a member of multiple blogs, each blog may have a different charity – but only one charity per blog (regardless of how many are blogging there).

Can I change my charity, URL, or blog name once I’ve registered?

Yes. If you need to make changes to your blog/charity information, please submit a contact form with your current blog/charity information and any changes you would like made.

Can I have more than one blog on my account?

Yes. Just go to your profile and follow the links to add a blog. But be careful not to over-extend yourself! Most folks can barely manage one blog!

Can I pre-write/post entries automatically?

Please don’t.

Many folks have huge projects that require some artwork or writing ahead of time. This is fine, as long as you are there to add at least some new content in each post. The point is to blog with us!

Can I raise money for myself? Can I sell anything for my own profit during the event?

No, you may not blog to raise money for yourself, nor for your own charity (except in very exceptional cases, such as with a well-established, registered charity). Additionally, you may not use the Blogathon or your participation in the Blogathon to profit in any way from the event. This includes auctioning off web services or other products for your own gain, using your participation to drum up clients for your own business, or otherwise incorporating Blogathon into any profit-making endeavors.

Blogathon is a not-for-profit event dedicated to helping bloggers raise money for charities; any efforts to use Blogathon to profit personally will result in removal from the event. However, if you normally have advertising on your site, you do not need to remove it for the Blogathon.

Do all of my sponsors need to sign up through the Blogathon site?

As many as possible. We understand that you will have family members, co-workers, and close friends who will not want to sign up individually, but will pledge their support. You can “proxy sponsor” for these folks from your profile.

Do I have to have previously had a blog?

Nope! Many of our participants have blogs for the Blogathon and the Blogathon alone, which they only update every year for the event. We welcome the new as well as the seasoned blogger!

Do you have any recommendations for blogging platforms?

Why yes, yes we do. If you can’t or are uncomfortable with installing a program on your own web site, try Livejournal, Blogger, WordPress or Vox.

If you can install a program on your web site, some programs available to you include Blogger, WordPress and Moveable Type.

How can I get sponsors?

Two ways:

1. First, you can gather sponsors on the web. Beg, plead, offer expensive gifts. Okay, don’t really do that last one. Gimmicks are a good thing though. Some folks offer a redesign for a hefty sponsorship. Some offer a mention in the blog. There are all sorts of possibilities.
2. Second, you can ask family and friends.

Be sure to check the forums, as many good ideas come up there.

How can I stay awake?

Ah, the age-old question: how to stay awake 24 hours while posting clever entries in your blog every thirty minutes? Some tried-and-true ways include:

* Quick, cold showers.
* Chatting online with other Blogathon participants.
* Dancing! Dancing, singing and general moving help keep you awake in the late hours of the event.
* Watch movies, television, play computer games or board games or anything that will engage your attention. Plus, you’ll have something to write about.
* Have a themed blog! If you’re busy writing about the history of the yam or making a collage for your sponsors, you’ll have a goal to sustain you through the event.

There have been a few things that we’ve heard of people trying and having bad results with, such as excessive soda, coffee or candy consumption. While it may seem like a tasty way to give yourself an energy boost, this has made many a blogger very sick during and after the ‘thon. Additionally, we do not reccommend alcohol consumption – it may make you feel more creative, but bloggers who have tried this in the past have actually fallen asleep shortly after the ‘thon started!

How do I collect money from my sponsors?

Except in very special circumstances, you may not ever collect money from sponsors. The only time you may collect money from sponsors is in the case of family members who do not go online or do not have access to the internet. Online sponsors, however, must donate to the charities directly.

At the end of the Blogathon an automated email will be generated, telling sponsors how much they have to pay and where they can send their payments. Although not required, it is courteous to write your sponsors and thank them for helping you raise money for your organization.

How late can I sign up?

Blogger signups close three days before the event, on July 22nd. Sponsors can sign up and pledge any time up to 48 hours after the Blogathon finishes.

Should I tell my charity I am blogging for them?

Yes, please do! Often charities will post on their website that you are trying to raise money for them through the blogathon, garnering you more traffic – which could help you raise more for the organization. Even if that doesn’t happen, they’ll be thrilled to know you’re participating to raise funds for them.
* Your blog must be available to the public.

* If you have script on your page that breaks your site out of frames, you must remove it before you sign up.

* Don’t use an update script or other trick so you can go to bed and still blog. You must be awake and participating in person.

* You are required to have fun.

And here’s an annoying disclaimer: we reserve the right to cancel your account at any time, for any reason. And of course, you can do the same.

What if I can’t stay up the whole 24 hours?

If you need to drop out after the blogathon has started, from your profile, click on “Edit/View Blog Details”. You will see a button that says “Drop This Blog”. You will have to confirm before your blog is dropped, so clicking the button is not final.
When sponsor emails are sent out, your sponsors will receive an email letting them know that, although they are not required to honor their pledges, we encourage them to do so in the name of the charities.

What organizations qualify as charities?

For those blogging for charities based in the United States, your charity must be a registered 501(c)(3) charity. This information is usually readily available on your charity’s website, probably in the donation section; if you can’t find it, call or email to verify their status. If the organization you are blogging for is based in the United States and is not a 501(c)(3) (for example, if they are a 501(c)(4) instead), you may not blog for them with Blogathon.

For those blogging outside of the United States, we strongly encourage you to blog for an organization registered as a charity in your country. If your country does not have a charity registry, you may still blog for your organization provided they are a charitable organization. For the purposes of what counts as a charitable organization, we’ll refer to, who say that a charity is:

a foundation created to promote the public good (not for assistance to any particular individuals)

When do I start? Can I start late/early?

Everybody starts together, all over the world–that’s a big part of what makes the Blogathon such an amazing event.

For reference, here’s what time it will be in cities around the world at 6:00 AM Pacific.

Where/how do I sign up to blog?

Once you have registered on the Blogathon site, click on the “Add a Blog” button in your profile to sign up your blog. You’ll need a blog and a charity that accepts online donations. All the details are in the signup form. Just be aware that signups are only open until July 22, 2014.

Will there be an alternate, Sabbath, or B-Schedule Blogathon?

Unfortunately, this year we won’t be able to support an alternate schedule (in other years known as either a “Sabbath Schedule” or a “B-Schedule”). We may bring it back in future years, but for 2014 the official event will run from July 25th at 6am to July 26th at 6am (Pacific).

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