Am I Too Young to Do The Venus Factor?

Question: Hello! My name is Leslie(you can call me that or Vriska, whatever floats your boat), and I am fourteen going on fifteen this March. I’m new of course, and I was wondering if maybe I was too young to do this program? I mean it isn’t something only an adult could do, but the youngest age on the Venus Ideal software thingy was twenty. Either way, I am going to try my best and prove that ladies do not need a man to be confident!


Kimberley: Welcome Leslie. The workout program is great for anyone, but given you are still growing please be careful with calories. This is a diet designed for women that are adults and no longer growing….and we just do not need as many calories as you do. If you get a chance, it is probably worth talking to your doctor about this.

And you are right, women do not need a man to be confident.

RobertaSaum: Hi Leslie and WELCLOME! The workout should be fine for you. I agree with the others on the calories and I’d add that anything you do with your diet you should run by your parents/guardians and doctor. The same with the workout but I can’t imagine a doctor not approving of the workout : )

Ah thank you for the advice! I did consult with my mother and she insisted I add calories due to my growth, so I will do that as well.


  1. Haisa Nguyen says:

    Hi there! My name is Haisa, and I’m 11 going on 12 this June. Yes, I know I am quite young and shouldn’t even be thinking about losing weight since I am still growing. But every since I was like 7, I had always been bigger than all the other girls, and everyone teased me and they still do. Everyone always told me that I would never be able to be fit, and I want to prove them wrong. So one day I stumbled upon The Venus Factor, and I talked to my parents about it. They were concerned about the fact that I was only 11. I wanted to know if this program is good for me?
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Haisa, This program was designed for developed female bodies. If you decide to try it, you should focus on the workouts and take the dieting information as general knowledge. For you it’s more important to engage in physical activity such as running, swimming, dancing, yoga, soccer, basketball, tennis, or other activities that you enjoy. You should not diet. Just avoid eating too much sweets. Balance of good nourishment and fitness help sustain a healthy weight.

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