6 Essential Ingredients of an Impressive Romantic Love Letter

Ideas for Writing a Letter of Love For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had free downloads that deal with writing love letters. Today, we have tips to make those romantic letters rock. The awesome part is that these tips are super easy!

Let’s take a look at a quick breakdown of the 6 elements the tips cover!

The six essential elements of an Impressive Romantic Love Letter:

  1. Handwriting~
    It’s pretty obvious you want to use your best handwriting on the finished letter. From experience, I would suggest writing the letter once, then editing it. Finally, write the final letter on special stationary if possible. Be sure to write this final draft slowly so your handwriting stays neat.
  2. Opening/Greeting~
    You will probably want to use a term of endearment here. If you have a special and private endearment, that works very well as the greeting of a love letter
  3. First Paragraph~
    The infographic sets out one pointer here that I don’t agree with. Unless you are in a very new relationship, you won’t want to outline why you are writing.
  4. Body of the Letter~
    Oh boy, does this section start out formal or what?? The ideas are good, but don’t get all technical and write definitions of why you fell in love like you were in a high school class doing busy work. If you want to do a reasons I love you letter, consider doing several. Make each one a story of a memorable example of your partner showing the characteristic you love so much.
  5. Closing Paragraph~
    This should be easy to write. I always could close a love letter faster than I could do the middle! I recommend saying something very sweet here! If you are truly in the flow when you get to this point, it will be eazy-peazy to close the letter
  6. Last line~
    Just before you sign it, you will want to write something else sweet to completely close the letter out (man, do I sound like an English teacher!?!? I hope not!). Always or Forever Yours have been my standard way of closing a love letter for years

There you have it. My thoughts on each of the 6 main steps to writing an awesome love letter. Once  you finish the last step, don’t forget to sign it. Use his/her special nickname for you, if there is one! You can also lightly spray your perfume or cologne on the paper, or (if you are a woman) put on some pretty lipstick and send a kiss off with the letter too.

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