The Language of Desire: My Review of The “Talk Dirty To Me” Program

The Language Of Desire is a complete relationship guide created to help women elevate the connection with their man to a whole new level of intimacy. It reveals to women nonverbal flirtation techniques and Secret Dirty Words to make men fall deeply in love with them.

Have you ever felt undesirable? Have you ever had a problem sustaining a relationship? I think all women have been there at some point in their lives.

Couple in loveWhether it happens when they are 22 or 52, it isn’t a good feeling. I’ve been there, too, and I know, firsthand, that feeling undesirable to the person you are dating is an absolute blow to one’s personal worth and psyche.

So, what is a woman to do when she feels like that? Well, self-help gurus would suggest looking outside your relationship at your personal strengths. Feminists would suggest trying to untie your personal identity from your relationship identity.

Your best friend will tell you that your man is simply insane, and you are a beautiful, vibrant and attractive woman. All of that is good advice, but what if there was a way to unlock the secrets to sexual desire? Wouldn’t that solve the problem at its very core?

Below you will find my LOD review.

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LOD is designed like a course to help you unlock the secrets of attraction and better understand men, in a general sense, so you can repair your current relationship, or find the passionate, sultry and fulfilling relationship you’ve been looking for. Join immediately with the slot online agent to hit the jackpot

What is The Language of Desire?

This is an all-inclusive, relationship program that focuses on igniting the fire in your relationship with your mate. While, at first glance, it appears to be a teaching guide for “dirty talk” in the bedroom, when you unlock the members area you are treated to much more than that. The program focuses on revealing the secrets to a sensual relationship from making your man feel like the king of the world, to unlocking the secrets to his fantasies, to what’s called the technique of massaging his mental G-spot.

Watch this video, Felicity Keith definitely unleashed my curiosity : )

Video presentation


The member’s area is filled with a ton of information. It may seem like a lot to wade through. I even felt a bit silly at first, but once I really got into the meat of the system, and started following the steps, I found that it isn’t just great information; you won’t simply learn what makes a man tick, you’ll also learn what makes you, as a desirable woman, tick, too (I know I did!).

Who Created The It?

It was created by Felicity Keith. If you’ve never heard of her before, that’s actually a good thing. Keith isn’t a guru, she isn’t a psychologist, and she isn’t a scientist who uses fancy language and medical science to back up her claims. In fact, Felicity Keith is probably just like many of us. She’s a 42-year-old mother.
The Language of Desire

She is a woman who, through an embarrassing moment with her own man, found that her sex life was lacking. She set out on a mission to change that, and to get her man sexually interested in her once again. The entire course is full of information that Keith discovered through research and tried out on her own relationship. Throughout her learning process she wrote down what worked and what didn’t work in a personal journal, then she decided to share it with the world. The LOD is so popular, partially because of who Keith is, and who Keith is not. She is “every woman.”

What Do You Get With the Program?


Well organized members area.

Inside the member’s area I found the course well organized, separated into 10 sections, or modules, as they are called. (You can click on the images to view full size.)

Each module is split into 4-5 subsections and includes worksheets that will help you take the information you’ve just read, and make it relevant and actionable in your own life. The pages are filled with information about unlocking the secrets to your man’s sexual psyche, and your own, too.


Step-by-step, easy-to-follow techniques.

While it is advised that you follow the modules, you can jump around to information that you think it’s pertinent to your relationship, or your own personal style of relationships. It includes important information about sex and brain chemistry, why men enjoy pornography, and what you can do to become the object of your man’s desires and affections. It doesn’t just talk about sex, either, it touches on important components of a healthy relationship, and delves into the psyche of a man, and what they need to feel desirable and wanted.

Get More Information On The LOD program

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I can easily access LOD on my iPhone. The best part is every section is available in MP3 audio file. I listen to it on my daily back and forth to work. The warm pleasant voice of Felicity Keith, the creator of LOD, make the commute much more enjoyable.


Listen to it on your phone or in your car.

Along with all of that information, I received two pieces of bonus content.

-Silent seduction, is all about learning how to use your body language to bring your beloved closer to you, both emotionally and sexually.

- Done For You Texts, the second bonus content, is filled with 200 text messages that you can use to up your text game, and make your man hot for you before he walks in the door.

Both pieces of bonus content are worth their weight in gold. I particularly like the text messages. Not only do they contain ready-made options for you to use, but they will also inspire you to come up with your own sultry messages.

So, who is This Program Written For?

That’s the cool thing about it: It is written for any woman in any stage of her relationship. Whether you are already deeply committed in a long-term relationship or you are simply dating around to find your Mr. Right, the tactics, information and knowledge that is found inside the LOD can be utilized in almost all relationships. If you already think your sex life is hot and heavy, this system will help you keep it that way. If you are afraid an early relationship is about to fizzle out sexually, it can help you rekindle the original spark you felt. If you are currently in a long-term relationship that simply lacks the passion you once felt, this program can get you back on track. Even if you aren’t dating anyone at this very moment, this guide can help equip you with the sexy, sassy tools you need to catch Mr. Right and keep him exactly where you want him.

Why The Language of Desire Works

Okay, so here's why it really worked for me: I was so hung up on not being a “dirty slut” and keeping with the image of a “good girl”, that this has turned into a sexual insecurity of mine. Now I know that sexual confidence is magnetic, and my man is turned on by my sexual confidence.

If the idea of talking dirty, sharing your desires, or even exploring your sexuality makes you uncomfortable, in LOD you’ll see that it's possible to incorporate dirty talk (and more!) into your sex life without one iota of fear, shame, or feeling slutty.

Now, I understand that just like I'm full of desires and fantasies, he is as well and by using some of the techniques I learned, I've been able to unlock his deepest sexual urges. He's there with me now in the bed, not some far off look or excuse about being tired from work. The passion and energy are back and best of all, I'm in control, while he might think he is.

Some of my Favorite Techniques

To give you a better look at some of the techniques you'll learn with the LOD, here are some of my favorites:

  • Pavlov’s Erection. I was amazed how one simple phrase I whisper into his ear can “bring him to attention” every single time.
  • Erotic Telepathy. Get into your man's mind, past his defenses and discover his most passionate fantasies, even if he doesn't know he has them!
  • Tease Intensifier. A subtle way to slowly turn the heat up on your relationship until he just can't take it anymore.
  • Desire Seed. Plant your own desires into his mind so he fulfills them while thinking he thought of it! Inception at its best!
  • Lust Mirror. Trust me when I say this one is really effective. It's a bit complicated to explain here, but it basically creates a “feedback loop” of desire to get you both going and keep going…
  • Verbal Viagra. These are the words and verbal techniques that make him hard, plain and simple.
  • Oral Intensifier. This is the next thing that you do with your mouth after using the Verbal Intensifier. It will drive him nuts.

Language of Desire Review Conclusion

So, if you're having any trouble at all connecting with your partner on a sexual level, and keeping your man 100% satisfied and sexually focused on you, this course is for you.


  • Easy to access and follow content
  • Also available in MP3 audio files
  • Applicable and easy to implement advice
  • Easy to navigate members area
  • Worksheets


  • Language can be uncomfortable at first for those who are not at least somewhat comfortable with the concept of “dirty talk”
  • Worksheets must be downloaded (can’t fill it online)

This video presentation by Felicity Keith convinced me that she knows what she’s talking about.

The Bottom Line

LOD is among the best programs on the market for women, in my personal opinion. While all of the information is invaluable and incredibly insightful, the way it is written is what makes it truly above the rest. cs work.

Download LOD Plus 3 Bonuses by Felicity Keith

The content is easily accessible to women, regardless of their comfort level with sexuality, and really focuses on offering advice, and explaining why the advice will work. You’ll walk away from the course with tools you can use in your real life, but you’ll also have a significant amount of knowledge about why these tacti

With that knowledge, you’ll be able to mold, change and alter many different relationships and aspects of relationships you currently have, even if they aren’t with an intimate partner. After using this it personally, and seeing the power that women can wield when it is correctly approached, I cannot recommend the LOD enough.

Take a look below at the three bonuses currently included with the LOD - The Good Girl's Guide to Texting Dirty, Silent Seduction, and  Unstoppable Confidence. I find the done for you text messages particularly useful.

free bonus download

Download Free Bonuses


  1. Petulia says:

    Question, if this is purchased, does the user have unlimited access? Or is it read/listen once or for a month etc then it’s not available?

    • Hi, once you purchase it you’ll get a login and password to the members area with unlimited access to all the materials.

      • I am curious if I can use it on any device if i buy the program or can i use it only on the device it is down loaded to? I commute and use my smartphone, but if i have to print out the worksheets i would have to use my desktop because i do not have a wireless printer.

      • Hi Portia, you can use more than one device to access and download the information. You’ll receive a personal password which you can use to log in from different devices. If you need to print something, just use your desktop. I hope that answers your question.

  2. This program seems completely male driven! What about the female’s wants and needs?! Just a thought that maybe women do not want to have sex constantly with their man and they should not be expected to! What about expressing their love in other ways?! It seems like the program is for a woman whose significant other might be cheating or withdrawing from the relationship, but the woman in this situation needs to look at WHY the man is doing this not try to lure him back with sex! This does not seem like it would fix the true reason why the man was distancing himself from the relationship and would be only a temporary fix for a MUCH larger problem!

    • Hi Mary, the LOD reveals the sexual psychology of men and why men want what they want. If you don’t need more passionate love and are looking for “holding hands at sunset” type of program, the LOD is not for you.

  3. This program is all online with a username and password? Correct? And can be assessed on any computer, tablet, or phones?

    • Hi, Coco, that’s right. You can access it online on your electronic device, or you can download it to read it or listen to it later. Because it’s also available in MP3, I like to listen to it while I’m driving.

      • How do you purcahse the MP3 only? Also I have an Android phone.

      • Hi, once you buy the program, you’ll get access to all the materials in your member’s area. I don’t think there is an option to get only the MP3 files.

  4. This programme is awesome

  5. Hi…I found your review quite helpful….and I need this….but I can’t pay online. I don’t have these debit, credit cards or PayPal….can u do anything for me…plz, I really need to have this book…regards.

    • Hi, Sara, I don’t sale LOD. I didn’t have PayPal account either. I just transfer enough money from my bank account to PP to buy it.

  6. Is the payment a one-time payment or is it a recurring charges?

  7. Hi can I get LOD on my tablet?

  8. If I were to purchase this, does it come in the mail like a book and DVD set?

    • Hi Jeanna, you can read or listen to the LOD on your computer, tablet, or iPhone. It’s not available as a physical product because shipping it worldwide would make it much more expensive.

  9. I’m not dating anyone but I’m sleeping with the same guy (fwb) and I would like to take things to the next level and date him would the LOD methods be a good way for me to get him to want /desire me ?

    • Hi, Taylor, it will make him want you even more. It will help in this regard. But you can’t build a relationship on just sex. If you wish to have a serious relationship, bring getting to know each other into main focus.

  10. Hi - I’m not dating anyone at the present, but there is someone who I have my eye on in particular. How will this program help me take that to the next level?

    • Hi Lahlah, as you may know, our words, tones, attitudes can trigger different fillings and emotions in the hearts and minds of men. If you want to take it to the next level, the program will help you learn how to talk to him in an intimate manner. Also, the Silent Seduction bonus will teach you how to use body language, and in The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting, you’ll learn how to send him romantic messages. I think, the LOD is an exoplanet guide for women about how to be more desirable. Good luck with the “particular someone”, I hope it grows into a strong, loving relationship.

  11. Does this program exist in French?

  12. Elizabeth Mingle says:

    Hi Felicity,

    Greetings from Ghana my name is Elizabeth Mingle I purchased the language of desire program around 2015 the unfortunate thing is that I have lost my computer about a month ago so I was trying to log into the program but I can’t find the site can you help me out

    Thank you
    Lizzy Mingle.

    PS. The program worked like fire works especially the Madona Moan.

    • Hi Lizzy, all you need to do is go to!/#orderLookup and enter the email you used to register and to purchase LOD. You should be able to get back to your account in no time.

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